Read IT Testimonials from Our Valued Business & Non-Profit Clients

PC Professional has provided IT support and IT services to over 400 Bay Area companies and organizations, and you’ll find IT testimonials from a number of them here. Share in their IT success stories and then ask yourself—Do I want that for my business too?

Why are Customer Testimonials for IT Services Important?

Nothing matters more to us than the IT customer experiences of our clients. And we also believe that nothing speaks more loudly for a technology firm’s reputation than IT service reviews. When our clients are happy, we’re happy—and you know what to expect.

We have worked and built lasting relationships with our clients in the construction, biotechnology, finance, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, education, and services industries. We also serve major San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organizations, as well as local county and city offices.

We invite you to browse our clients’ feedback for IT solutions delivered by PC Professional, and then contact us with questions, with a referral to get rewards, with your own IT project review, or for a no-cost consultation.


Always Reliable and Professional
“We have worked with PC Professional for the last 15 years and we’ve never had a reason to leave because they always keep us satisfied. PC Professional is reliable, and their techs are professional. The fact that they can help me virtually is also greatly appreciated.

We really enjoy working with you folks. If you’re looking for a great local IT company, we recommend you go for PC Professional.”

Controller, Construction Company (client for 15 years)


Consistent, Reliable, and Highly Responsive
“The best thing about working with PC Professional is the consistency we have in our IT department. As a small company without the internal resources, PC Professional is our reliable resource for all our technology needs.

PC Professional has the best response time compared to other IT companies we’ve worked with before. Whenever we have an issue, it is handled promptly (again, for a small company we feel “heard”, not ignored.)   

I absolutely recommend giving PC Professional a try, particularly if you do not have the internal resources. They will provide you peace of mind when it comes to your IT needs so you can focus on other issues in business.”

V.P. of Operations, Leasing and Financing Firm


Huge Savings & Productivity
“PC Professional assisted in a county-wide revamp, overseeing 2 billion in construction and facility management. After their assessment, they figured out that the best system for us was SharePoint, so that we could automate the data sharing needed for a critical project.

Today, all employees can access and share data in real time from any device, which has resulted in huge savings and a big boost in productivity. PC Pro is now our lead IT consultant, working together with our department for the county.

Local Bay Area County


Responsive, Friendly, Professional
“Our cancer research institute has been engaged with PC Professional on an exclusive basis for more than 25 years. Through them, we were able to obtain non-profit email services with Office 365, which are available for any employee to use from either a computer or a cell phone at a very reasonable fee. PC Professional is instrumental in obtaining the most favorable monthly rate from Microsoft. They also set up our cloud backups and makes the entire process hands-off for our office staff. Having them handle maintenance also saves us a fortune in costly fees for appliances and backup services that are difficult to maintain by ourselves.

Compared to other IT firms I’ve worked with in the past, PC Professional has very responsive, personalized service, and professional, friendly staff who always work within our schedules. The techs are deeply engaged with our projects, and they follow-up on every issue until a solution is found. Also, they can do many services remotely, which saves everyone time and money. We could not be more pleased with our long-term relationship. PC Professional prevents IT from being an obstacle for the real work that we dedicate to cancer research.

After 30 years of doing business with PC Professional, I have never needed to find better service, more helpful techs, or more reasonable costs.”

President, Health and Research Nonprofit


Open the door for a productive working relationship!
“The best thing PC Professional gives us is peace of mind. We know they will always be there to support us. Compared to other IT firms, I can say with confidence they have the best Tech Support/Customer Service – they’re always available when needed. If you’re thinking about working with PC Professional, you are making the right decision. You will be opening the door for a productive and great working relationship. Give them a call today!”

IT/MIS Manager, Food Manufacturing (client for 20 years)

Surviving a Ransomware Attack
“When we were hit by a ransomware attack, PC Professional helped us get back onto our feet. Despite being on Windows 7, and using some servers and computers that were so old they were no longer in production, PC Pro still managed to restore most of our data.

Not only did they immediately take action to stop the attack from spreading, PC Pro even worked together with us to upgrade our hardware, installing new security measures that made our old system seem almost nonexistent in comparison. We’re now set up with a disaster recovery plan thanks to PC Professional, and they offer us training on how to spot and stop threats in the future.

It was a tough lesson to learn, but PC Pro made sure we actually survived to see another day.”

CEO, Metal Fabrication Co.


PC Professional genuinely cares about your business
“PC Professional is always there when we need them, without fail. Throughout the years, this has been demonstrated time and time again. They are the one and only IT firm we’ve worked with because there has never been a reason to look for more. Go with PC Professional, they will never let you down. If you have any issues, Dan will always take your call and he genuinely cares about your business!”

CEO, Media Company


Outstanding Support and Professionalism
“PC Professional consistently exceeds our expectations with their exceptional service. Recently, one of their engineers went above and beyond in setting up our Chairman’s laptop and handling the phone swap. We were impressed by his diligence, kindness, and thoroughness in completing this crucial task. 

Working with PC Professional is always a pleasure, and we appreciate their dedication to customer satisfaction.”

CEO, Major Bay Area Nonprofit (Client for 17 years)

Immediate Response Times & Only Positive Experiences
“We appreciate working with PC Professional for their immediate response time. We especially benefit from our migration of on-prem to SharePoint and OneDrive by not having to always needing to rely on our VPN.

Compared to other IT companies, we feel they are more of a business partner than a sales firm. We’ve partnered with PC Professional for over 20 years and have only had positive experiences. As a long-term client, I’m confident you will be satisfied with your decision to hire PC Professional as your IT support team.”

IT Manager, Youth and Family Nonprofit (client for 25 years)

Streamlines Non-Profit Workflow
“PC Professional has helped our non-profit organization streamline our processes with relevant and reliable technology so our staff can spend more time connecting with the students we serve.

In addition, the close relationship PC Professional builds with their clients is second to none, and that’s why we would choose them over any other IT firm.

Our organization has been working with PC Professional for over 8 years and we are very satisfied with the services they provide us. I believe you will too!”

IT Manager, Youth Nonprofit (client for 10 years)

Fast Same-Day Response
“PC Professional is one of the first IT companies that I’ve worked with and we’ve stayed with them because of their responsiveness and range of services. While it was great getting our previous outsourced help pro-bono, he was a one-man shop that wasn’t always available to us and the growing needs of our organization. Having someone that I can easily reach out to on a daily basis makes my life way easier!

Now, we get a same day response for any issues, and that kind of service is what would make me recommend PC Professional to anyone looking for an IT company to work with!”

Finance and Operations, LGBT Nonprofit (client for 7 years)

Peace of mind. You will be in excellent hands
“The best benefit about working with PC Professional is peace of mind knowing that our network is secure and taken care of. That’s priceless. PC Professional is better than other IT firms because they really care about building a relationship with their client.

They put me at ease and never fail to provide a solution. If you’re on the fence about choosing PC Professional, jump over the fence quick. You will be in excellent hands! You can even contact me at if you have questions or want to discuss further. I love working with you guys! Rick is my guy!”

Director of Information Technology, Veteran Nonprofit (client for 15 years)

Always Willing to Help at a Moment’s Notice
“Being a single staff IT office for a large campus, I’m relieved I can call Matt, Gary, and Cohberg and they are always willing to give me the support I need at a moment’s notice. Unlike other IT firms, PC Professional always demonstrates they have a really great team. When I need their help, they can jump to each other’s jobs easily to get it done. If you’re still trying to decide on if you should hire PC Professional, I would say to work with them for a minimum of 3 months. I promise you will be so happy with your service that you will not want to go with another IT firm. “

Director of Information Technology, Youth Nonprofit (client for 10 years)

Helping a Non-Profit Thrive
“PC Professional completely upgraded our system! Before we were struggling to respond to clients in a timely manner, and felt like it was time to get some outside help. PC Professional did a thorough assessment of our entire system, from hardware to even how we documented tickets.

They helped our entire organization move to Office 365, set up and installed an agency-wide VoIP, upgraded security, and made sure that sensitive client data could be safely stored and backed up in the Cloud.

We now get weekly visits from them, and their Help Desk is only a call away for any employee, meaning that with our streamlined system we can give more back to the community, without fighting our own technology.”

Executive Director, Non-Profit


Excellent Response Times & Personable Staff
“We highly recommend PC Professional because they have excellent response times and knowledgeable techs. On top of that, they are easy to work with. Anyone can fix your tech, but we prefer to work with PC Professional because they are personable.

It is very easy to get a hold of someone at all times. When we need something fixed, ordered, installed, etc., they get the job done quickly! Of all IT firms we’ve worked with, we’ve had the best experience with PC Professional and highly recommend them to any business needing IT in the Bay Area.”

Portfolio Director, Real Estate Services Company (client for 8 years)


Still Humans – Honest & Actually Care
“PC Professional listens to customer needs. They don’t oversell but they also make sure we don’t skimp on technology that is important to achieve our goals. I appreciate their personalized attention and how fast they respond when we need them. Most importantly, they have a very knowledgeable staff who are easy to communicate with. Thanks to PC Professional, we don’t need to worry about keeping software or licensing up to date. Our Microsoft Office 365 takes care of all that for us.

I’ve worked with PC Pro for over 15 years, which in this day and time is rare in and of itself. A lot of IT firms have come and gone. Out of all the vendors I’ve worked with, they are my favorite because they are still humans, they are honest and priced competitively. They actually care about me and my organization’s success and they will do what it takes to deliver on time and on budget.”

Construction Technology Coordinator, Professional Training Center (client for 15 years)

Keeps Our Business Running Smoothly
“PC Professional provides us business continuity and depth of expertise. Having the same technician and project manager work with us on a routine basis allows for us to keep our business continuously running smoothly throughout the year. Also, the access to all of PC Professional’s staff/expertise gives us tremendous depth when more complicated issues arise.

When we interviewed several IT firms for our needs, PC Professional stood out to us because they have the most experience. We are very glad we chose them because they never let us down. We highly recommend you give them a call.”

President, Professional Services Organization (client for 10 years)

Peace of Mind & Flexibility
PC Professional’s ability to efficiently scale up and down is one of the biggest benefits we’ve gotten working with them. When things get really busy, I’m able to call up my amazing account rep, Joe, who makes sure that engineers get on the schedule to come out and assist. When it gets slower, we scale back visits for cost savings. Due to great working and documentation, there is little to no learning curve when things scale back up.

Their reliability is also a huge plus for us. When someone from PC Professional arrives, they get the job done. I normally have a specific and important task/project, or a long to do list, and I give them the details, with the peace of mind that everything will be done correctly. I have worked with many of the engineers at PC Professional, and they have all demonstrated expertise in staying current with technology. The account reps also know each engineer’s strengths and always find the appropriate person to accomplish any task in a timely and cost efficient manner.”

Systems Administrator, Supply Chain Solutions Company