Protect Your Data with an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Do you have an IT disaster recovery or business continuity plan in place in case of a natural disaster, server crash, ransomware, cyber attack, or data-erasing mishaps? Do you know how quickly your office can be up and running again if this happens? These are some of the backup and recovery questions that every business needs to ask—and we’re helping to answer them.

IT Disaster Preparedness is the Key to Peace of Mind

When we talk about crisis management in business, we’re referring to having a business continuity plan in place before something bad happens.

About 91% of MSPs say clients with a business continuity and disaster recovery plan (BCDR) are less likely to experience significant downtime from ransomware. Even so, a lot of businesses and nonprofits do not have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan to ensure efficient data backup and restoration of their data.

Among those businesses with a plan, only a handful conduct periodic business continuity plan testing and review.

Our IT team has been providing San Francisco Bay Area organizations with optimum data protection and recovery for over 40 years. We work with our clients to implement a business continuity strategy and disaster recovery plan that fits their industry and how they operate, with high availability of support along the way.

While we recognize the importance of having a BCDR, it is very common for businesses to downplay its urgency. Businesses tend to prioritize the more pressing issues that directly result in a return on investment—which we understand, but we’d like to highlight the importance of risk management and contingency planning to protect your data.

Why Does Your Business Need an IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan?


Plan for Unexpected Events

  • Maintain data despite environmental or natural disasters.
  • Protect against physical theft, ransomware attacks, hacks, viruses, and malware.
  • Safeguard information from employee tampering or accidental deletion.


Avoid Expensive Downtime

  • Prevent immediate, direct, negative effects on productivity.
  • No more time spent on repairing networks, restoring backups, and replacing lost devices after an attack.
  • Never again pay the high cost of downtime, which you can determine with Datto’s recovery time and downtime calculator.


Safeguard and Defend Your Business (and Reputation)

  • Maintain trust and reliability in managing sensitive client data and employee information.
  • Modernize your business by implementing critical protections that meet the latest data protection standards and best practices.
  • Proactively protect your data, network, and other IT systems before a disaster occurs.


Recover Fast 

  • Get access to certified IT support experts who can quickly recover your data.


Get Peace of Mind

  • Have peace of mind knowing you have a plan for business continuity in the event of a disaster or cyber incident.


Stay Compliant

  • Always have guidance in helping to maintain regulatory compliance.

Don’t Let Your Bay Area Business Be Tomorrow’s Top Headline

BCDR, sometimes called BCP DR, is an organization-wide responsibility. Prevention costs a lot less than the antidote. Failing to protect your firm from human error, hardware failure, cyber threats, or natural disasters can have a damaging impact on every stakeholder.

A single incident’s direct and indirect consequences, such as loss of confidentiality, availability, or integrity, may be hard to recover from. Your reputation, your money, and your business are on the line—especially now since ransomware and cyber-attacks have grown and become more sophisticated.

When you have a solid BCDR plan in place, you will sleep better knowing you’re fully prepared for any disaster that may occur. The PC Professional IT services team can help give you that peace of mind. We partner with leading technologies to ensure complete, ransomware-free backups and rapid data restoration.

Whether you need help with developing a business continuity strategy or testing your business continuity plan, PC Professional can help.

Is Your Business Ready for Disaster?

Do you have an emergency management plan? What are your recovery time objective (RTO), recovery point objective, and fault tolerance? If you’re not sure, it’s time to ask yourself, “Is my business’s IT ready for a disaster?”

The best plan of action is to be ready before disaster strikes with IT resilience and a business continuity plan that will ensure you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

It’s not enough to have an IT disaster recovery solution you trust. You have to periodically test it to make sure it’s working.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re prepared:

Data Backup & Recovery with ProVault

ProVault is PC Professional’s highest-rated hybrid data backup and recovery solution. It includes top-of-the-line backup monitoring and resolution so your business can not only recover lost data in the event of an incident but restore it in hours (rather than days).

We highly recommend including ProVault as an essential part of your IT disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

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