Recover Data in Hours (Not Days) with ProVault Data Backup

How are you backing up your business’s data? Your corporate data backup method and backup frequency not only determine how much data you’ll be able to recover, but how quickly you can recover it. With ProVault hybrid data backup from PC Professional, all of your data can be recovered within hours at any time.

What is Hybrid Data Backup?

A hybrid data storage and recovery solution like ProVault utilizes both the cloud and a local network to back up critical information. This on-premises and off-premises cloud backup deployment gives you maximum protection even in the most extreme disaster or data mishap.

Cost-effective, Scalable Bay Area Data Backup and Recovery Services

Regardless of its size, it’s critical for every business to have consistent data protection through reliable cloud backup and data recovery services. This reduces risks to business continuity. It can also prevent significant downtime in the event of a disaster or security threat—and as we all know, the longer it takes to restore your system, the higher the cost of the downtime.

A multi-layered, hybrid approach to corporate data backup and disaster recovery will make your organization more resilient. Likewise, it will give you the peace of mind and confidence you need to take your business to the next level.

Cloud Storage Features:

Off-Site Backup Security

Backup happens on a cloud-based server connected through the internet, protecting your data if local storage fails due to a natural disaster or theft.

Scalable Storage

Most cloud backup companies cannot accommodate massive storage accounts. With our installation of ProVault, you will receive Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service that can scale up to meet high data demands.

Local Storage Features:

Use Anywhere

Your data will have a central access point to retrieve information, even remotely. A Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is utilized for its ease of use and rich feature set.

Automatic Recovery

Backups automatically reciprocate across multiple drives. Therefore, a crash by one of them is quickly recoverable by another.

Available Offline

Data is accessible offline, allowing it to update more frequently, regardless of your WiFi signal or router speed. In the event of a failed internet connection or power outage, data from your local storage will remain intact.

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What is ProVault?

ProVault is PC Professional’s hybrid data backup and recovery service with backup monitoring and resolution.

Our IT experts have brought together onsite and cloud data backup best practices for this solution, and it offers the most reliable protection for your business and clients’ data.

ProVault Features:

Protection Against Threats

Get consistent data protection and prevent significant downtime in the event of a data breach, server crash, or ransomware. You can relax knowing you have a disaster recovery plan and a team of experts who are ready to help.

Hybrid Data Backup

ProVault is a hybrid data backup system comprised of two types of storage: local and cloud.

Fast Recovery Speed

Premium backup speeds guarantee that your data will always be protected and recoverable. In the case of a disaster, you’ll have your data within hours, not days.


Customized and unlimited data storage will scale to the size of your business as it changes over time.

Managed Services

Our team is proactive in monitoring your system as well as detecting & taking action on any abnormal activity. We promise to provide fast and efficient help desk support and hands-on engineer expertise.

What is Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and How Does it Work?

Continuous Data Protection or CDP is popularly known as real-time backup or continuous backup.

How does a true CDP work? Every time a user makes any changes, the data is backed up, thus recording every version or modification. As a result, it becomes possible to restore the computer system to any previous point in time.

It is worth noting that there are near-CDP solutions that back up and restore data at fixed intervals—for example, every 15 minutes, hourly, or daily. They are not considered true CDPs since data is not restored at “any point in time.” Not all organizations need true continuous data protection; however, if your business does, it’s worth noting the difference.

We can implement the CDP functionality as an add-on to ProVault. Learn more about how we implement CDP with our backup and data recovery solutions in a consultation.

Three Reasons to Implement ProVault Data Backup & Recovery Services

Three steps must be replicated in all situations in order for Zero Trust protocol to work to keep your data secure.


Plan for Unexpected Issues

  • Natural/Environmental Disasters
  • Physical Theft, Ransomware Attack, Hacks, Viruses, Other Malware
  • Employee Accidental Tampering or Deletion


Safeguard & Defend Your Business

  • Establish your Dependability for Managing Clientele and Employee Information
  • Modernize your Business to be Current with Data Protection Standards
  • Pro-actively Protect Your Data, Network, and Other IT Systems Before a Disaster Occurs


Fast Recovery & Business Continuity

  • Rely on a Specialized IT Team to Quickly Recover Your Data
  • Have Peace of Mind Knowing You Have a Plan in Case of Disaster

Let’s unpack how PC Professional can help with data backup and recovery for your Bay Area business with a free consultation. We’ll answer all your questions about backup software, incremental backup, full backup, backup retention, backup encryption, backup verification, backup storage, and more.

Is Your Data Backup and Recovery System Still Working?

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  • Make Sure You’re Backing Up All Necessary Files
  • Check if the Backup is Stored and Maintained Properly
  • Assess for Vulnerabilities
  • Review Your Data Recovery and Response Plan
  • Provide Recommendations to Ensure Maximum Data Protection

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