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Get a Cloud Security Assessment as part of the wide range of IT services offered to business users in the San Francisco Bay Area. This comprehensive cloud security risk assessment covers an analysis of your organization’s cloud security posture. It also includes evaluating vulnerabilities, identity, and compliance risks, as well as providing remediation recommendations.

How Covid-19 Changed Detect & Respond Protocol

When was the last time you had a thorough security assessment of your IT environment?

Covid-19 brought disruptive changes to both the physical and digital worlds. In some cases, it accelerated the adoption of many technologies by organizations and the consumers they serve.

Unfortunately, cyber security threats and crimes also escalated. Antiquated IT systems, if left unchecked, make easy targets. While relying on cloud technology continues to be the safest way to do business, you still need to periodically evaluate with external testing to ensure continuous IT protection.

Are you fully confident of the overall security position of your company? Or are there new and better cloud and network security solutions available to you? With your entire business at stake, it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions. Here are three questions you need to ask to address the key security challenges in your organization.

  • Are you vulnerable to cyber-attack and at risk of business loss?
  • Are your data compliance policies aligned with industry standards?
  • Do you have identity management integrated into key business operations?

These are a few of the critical questions that a cloud security assessment by PC Professional will address. Book a no-cost consultation now to get started.

Are You a Microsoft Business User?

Here’s a Message About Your Operating System

PC Professional is a Silver Microsoft Certified Partner with highly trained IT engineers. Our top-tier partnership as a licensed Cloud Solution Provider enables us to deliver consistent and seamless IT consulting and IT support services to the San Francisco Bay Area businesses and organizations we serve.

We support all Windows and Microsoft cloud services, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Business Applications, Azure Cloud Services, and more.

Get a Security Risk Mitigate Plan in Four Simple Steps

PC Professional’s Cloud Security Assessment follows an industry-standard approach designed to improve your understanding and control of your firm’s IT assets, so your mind can rest and focus on your business priorities (instead of security risks).

We’ve been helping organizations like yours to get their IT systems and cyber security working the way they are supposed to. We take a four-phased approach to set your path forward.



Help you identify your business goals and objectives.


Data Collection

Give you a clear picture of your current data estate.


Data Analysis

Fast discovery across full data infrastructure estate—addressing security, compliance, and identity.



Implement a prioritized risk mitigation plan.

Once we have a clear picture of the state, health, and performance of your current IT environment, we can walk you through our findings, recommendations, and next steps. This will also cover detailed reports, cases, and a mitigation plan.

Moreover, the cloud security assessment will help your organization establish processes for cyber-risk reduction. We’ll work with you to identify unmanaged devices, discuss policies and mechanisms to reduce risk, help align data compliance with industry standards, and address all your existing vulnerabilities.

Does this sound like a solution that could help your team right now?

Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about our Cloud Security Assessment and how an IT health check can improve your cyber-risk reduction processes.

Order Your Cloud Risk Assessment Today

When you entrust your IT health check to PC Professional, you can rest assured we’ll thoroughly examine your cloud infrastructure to determine the presence of any vulnerabilities. There will be internal testing, external systems examination, remote access solutions vetting, web servers and email servers inspection, security control checks, and much more.

We don’t just build and configure IT systems—we also make sure The Cloud is acting as a safe place for your business’s information and your clients’ sensitive data. Let’s get started with your cloud risk assessment.