Fortify Your First Line of Defense with Security Awareness Training

Your business’s employees are your best defense in the fight against cybercrime. They can also be your weakest link. Ensure they have everything they need to spot phishing and other attempts to infiltrate your network—and do it with security awareness training.

Cyber Security IS Business Security

When you think about business security, do you think about access controls, alarms, and security cameras?

Those things are important to the security of your physical building, the people in it, and its contents. But how about the very valuable personal information stored on your network?

The addresses, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers of your customers? The social security numbers of your employees? And let’s not forget access to your business’s bank accounts and financial statements.

All of those things lie just behind a critical point of access: Your Employees.

What are you doing to help ensure they’re not giving the bad guys access to your very important (and private) information?

Let’s find out if you could be doing more.

Put TraceEducation to Work for Your Business’s Security

As with most things in life and business, the first step to awareness is education. Phishing training for employees will help your team spot phishing attempts and other cybercrime schemes before it’s too late. It also provides a protocol for how to create and store passwords, and how to handle and report phishing emails and other cybercriminal activity.

When we provide your staff with our preferred web-based phishing awareness training platform, TraceEducation, you can expect the following:

  • Watch Videos Anywhere, Anytime: Your employees will have access to required viewing in a library of short, engaging video courses on a variety of cybersecurity topics, such as phishing, password security, social engineering, and data privacy.
  • Take Interactive Quizzes: Each course is followed by a short quiz to help employees retain the information they’ve learned.
  • Manage Service Options: PC Professional can manage your TraceEducation program for you by uploading employees, assigning courses, and delivering reports.
  • Integrate with TracePhishing: Training can be combined with simulated phishing emails to give your team real-world experience with spotting cybercrime attempts.
  • Customize Training: You can create your own custom courses using TraceEducation’s authoring tool.

Want to speak with an information security training expert about implementing TraceEducation for your team? Contact PC Professional today.

Use TracePhishing to Test Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Security awareness training for your employees is complete. How will you know that the information will be utilized? How will you know it’s working?

Most likely, your employees aren’t actively trying to share the private data stored on your network with cybercriminals. In fact, they’re more likely to unknowingly fall for one of the more than 400 million phishing emails sent daily.

Phishing attempts are more sophisticated and effective than ever, thanks to computer learning that helps bad actors target and speak convincingly to individuals in organizations like yours.

How can you arm your team members with the knowledge they need to combat these phishing attempts? With cyber security awareness training, like TracePhishing, for your employees.

Most people learn best by doing, and that’s why TracePhishing is so effective. It’s also easy to implement, maintain, and track:

  1. Speak to PC Professional about adding TracePhishing to your cyber security package.
  2. Use the provided templates to create customized phishing emails.
  3. Send those simulated emails to your employees.
  4. Track employee responses and interactions with those emails.
  5. Identify areas where more security awareness training is needed.
  6. Watch your front-line defenses against cyberattacks intensify over time.

We have an expert on phishing training for employees waiting to speak with you. Schedule your no-cost consultation now.

Experience the Benefits of Implementing Security Awareness Training

The main benefit of cybersecurity awareness training is obvious. You’ll be doing more to keep the bad guys at bay, for the protection of your business.

But there’s more. You will:

  • Reduce your risk of lawsuits and fines if private data is stolen.
  • Keep your business out of the bad-news headlines.
  • Stay compliant with government and industry regulations.
  • Empower your employees by increasing interest in cybersecurity.
  • Keep costs under control by reducing the risk of security incidents

Get all these benefits and more when you enroll in cybersecurity training for your team.

Arm Your Team with Security Awareness Training that Addresses All Types of Cybercrime

Phishing emails are just one part of security awareness training for employees. They’ll also learn about password security, social engineering, and data privacy regulations.

When you give them this type of training, you’re also giving yourself peace of mind—and your customers, clients, or patients the confidence to continue trusting you with their data.

Let’s have a discussion about tailoring security awareness training to your organization. The team at PC Professional is ready to help.