When it Comes to Cyber Risk Assessment in the Bay Area, Don’t Settle

What type of cyber risks should a cyber risk assessment cover for Bay-Area businesses like yours? Should it pinpoint only potential risks, in-progress data breaches, current cybersecurity threats, risks to critical assets, past security incidents, or high risks? How about all of those things and more? When you entrust your cyber threat assessment to PC Professional, topics like data protection and the potential impact of cyber threats will no longer keep you up at night.

What to Expect with a Cyber Risk Assessment from PC Professional

The cyber risk assessment software we use examines your internet connections, cloud infrastructure, and web applications—and comes with the following features:

  • The most comprehensive vulnerability coverage in the industry
  • #1-rated accuracy with the industry’s lowest false-positive rate
  • Regularly updated software, based on the IT community’s feedback
  • Assessment technology proven effective over the last 25 years
  • Data that allows us to prioritize threats for best results
  • Customizable reports, for the information you want most

When you want to know you’re getting the most complete cyber risk assessment available in the Bay Area, turn to PC Professionals and our risk-assessment partners. We’re working every day to help you identify risks, close the gaps, and keep your business up and running with security and efficiency.

Let’s discuss the difference a cyber risk assessment could make for your Bay-Area business.

Want to Manage Cyber Threats? It Starts with a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Any risk management professional will tell you that the risk management process starts with identifying potential threats using a general risk assessment.

A cyber risk assessment is similar to a general risk analysis, except that it’s focused on identifying and prioritizing threats to your business’s network and the data stored there. It looks something like this:

  • What are the threats to your business’s network and data?
  • What gaps in your systems and processes could allow those threats to become security incidents?
  • What cybersecurity controls are in place to prevent incidents, costly downtime, and interruptions in business continuity?

Let’s answer these questions together. It all starts with a no-cost consultation.
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How Much Cyber Risk Can Your Business Tolerate?

How many minutes, hours, or days can your business be down before you start to lose money? How long until you can’t recover? These are questions typically asked in a risk management environment and provide food for thought.

Wouldn’t it be great to know the answers to these questions, but never have to put them to the test? To know your specific cyber risks so standards and technologies can be applied ahead of threats?

When PC Professional identifies your risks and helps you prioritize them, you’ll feel confident knowing you have a response plan but are less likely to need it.

That’s peace of mind in a risky environment, and we’re ready to help you achieve it with a cyber risk assessment. Schedule yours today!

Cyber Risk is a Company-Wide Risk

There’s no getting around it:  without technology, your business would come to a halt. A security incident like a ransomware event might not seem as serious as a tornado leveling your building, but downtime is downtime. The moment business stops, finding a solution so you can resume operations is your first concern.

Let PC Professional guide you through the assessment of cybersecurity risks so you can prevent security incidents and be prepared for anything.