Safeguard Your Accounts with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Passwords are necessary, but they’re no longer sufficient for keeping malicious characters from accessing sensitive information. In fact, inadequate and stolen passwords are the most common ways hackers get in. Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, with Duo is the best way to protect your accounts. Even if a bad actor does have your password, they won’t be able to gain access. Now that’s protecting your information!

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication is Simple to Use

Your employees are using weak passwords—we can practically guarantee it. The same password across multiple apps, their firstborn’s name, their birthdate, their address…and even the infamous “12345678.”

This is called poor password hygiene, and if those weak passwords are cracked, the results can be catastrophic.

However, with a multi-factor authentication app like Duo, you’ll add an additional level of security so those insufficient passwords won’t be such a problem.

Here’s How Duo Works:

MFA with Duo requires at least two forms of authentication—each categorized as one of the following—to access your accounts:

  • Something You Know:  PIN, Answer to Security Question, Password
  • Something You Have:  Keycard, Smartphone
  • Something You Are:  Facial Recognition, Fingerprint

If keeping your accounts secure with easy-to-use MFA sounds good to you, it’s time to discuss how DUO can protect your accounts and information. Schedule a consultation with an MFA specialist at PC Professional today.

Secure Your Accounts in Just Three Easy Steps


Download the Duo App

You won’t have to worry about the set-up. The PC Professional team will handle everything. Just download the Duo authenticator app on your mobile device.


Log Into Your Accounts

It’s business as usual—enter your username and password as you normally would. However, now you’ll get a message prompting you to check your Duo app.


Verify Your Identity

You’ll receive a push notification to your phone or other designated mobile device. Just complete the prompt, and Duo will securely log you into your account.

Simple, right? Let’s put you in touch with the PC Professional team to get started.

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Block 99.9% of Hacker Attempts with Duo

Small businesses are hackers’ favorite targets. That’s because they know how busy your team is and how a tight budget might not allow for complex cyber security measures. And, they’re hoping that you haven’t discovered Duo, an affordable and highly effective multi-factor authentication app that keeps them out—even if they have your password.

When you install an MFA like Duo, you’ll prevent 99.9% of hacking attempts. That’s the touch of one button to keep your information out of villains’ hands. Your employees won’t be frustrated by a complicated process and you’ll remarkably improve your account security.

Contact PC Professional with questions or for more information about Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.

The Most Frequently Asked Multi-Factor Authentication Questions, Answered

You have questions about MFA, and chances are they’re the same questions we’re often asked. Let’s see if we can answer them here, but as always, contact us and we’ll do our best to make sure you know everything you wish to know about multi-factor authentication.

Rather than simply requiring a username and password, multi-factor authentication enhances your business’s security by denying access to an account unless two or more added factors are provided. For example, the authorized person might receive a code through a mobile app, or be required to answer a security question, enter a PIN, or provide a fingerprint. This will significantly decrease the chances of hackers gaining access to accounts.

We can honestly say “Yes” because there is no hassle. With Duo, it’s just the touch of a button on your mobile device, and you’ve got access!

Unfortunately, your employees’ daily work activities can be invitations to hackers, and antivirus programs may enter the plot after it’s too late. Threat actors’ schemes are becoming more sophisticated every day, and that’s why it’s best to stop them at the gate, so your antivirus software isn’t as necessary. We recommend several layers of cyber security, including MFA, antivirus, threat protection, and data recovery.

As its name suggests, 2FA is a form of MFA but requires only two forms of authentication—no more.

If you can access mobile data on your phone, you won’t have to worry about the internet being down. Plus, Duo can send a phone call; you’ll just have to take the call and touch any button, which requires no internet access.

The need for MFA becomes apparent when you consider that 100 passwords are stolen every second (Inc. Magazine). Strong passwords are important, but proven multi-factor authenticators like Duo will help protect your account even if your password is compromised.