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Industry: Construction Consulting Services


A Construction Consulting Company needed to upgrade all aspects of technology to stay competitive with a mobile work force. In addition, the one internal IT staff needed backup support for migrating and supporting email and work flow use on the Microsoft Office solution. Backup support was needed for technology decisions and on continuing infrastructure support.


PC Professional used virtualization for their internal servers enhancing to functionality of key applications. We also upgraded their mail to the Microsoft Cloud to support their internal staff and customers around the clock, SharePoint was used to develop intranet functions to improve client satisfaction and standardization of the use of workstations and laptops. Our team performs ongoing consulting on the use of technology to improve their client’s satisfaction.

PC Professional’s engineering team allowed their staff to focus on their key competencies. Emergency network support gives the client peace of mind knowing a team is ready to step in when emergencies hit. The client is now able to implement technology to make employees more productive and deliver high level solutions to their customers.

Industry: Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

A Mechanical Engineering Laboratory fell victim to not one but two types of Ransomware, one that affected their storage server and another that encrypted files on the system. The client’s storage server was affected by not one, but two known variants of ransomware, “Amnesia” and “BTCWare.” These types of ransomware are not capable of data exfiltration from a system.

The goal of these variants of ransomware is to encrypt the victim’s files in place on the local system and encourage the victim to pay ransom in order to access their data again.
After thorough investigation by PC Professional, a compromised account was found connected to the storage server which was disabled and officially cut off from their network. They also cut off external RDP access to the storage server at the firewall and disabled on the server’s configuration.

PC Professional performed a Malware analysis with Malwarebytes and manual processes to identify the known malicious files and software installed on the analyzed servers. Our team deployed an advanced threat detection network monitoring appliance to identify potential malicious network traffic, and determined capabilities and the risk of harm to the corporate network and computer system.
PC Professional disabled the account from their server and cut off any other unauthorized access to the company’s network. In addition, the external remote desktop protocol was cut off to the storage server at the firewall and all disabled on the server’s configuration.

After a final analysis of the client’s storage and archive server, there was no evidence that any sensitive data including personal identifiable information was accessed or view. The company was able to restore all of the infected system to its original state and without losing any sensitive data because they utilized their trusted managed IT service provider.

Industry: Real Estate Property Management Firm

A real estate management firm was having on going issues with their Windows based network. The firm they had contracted with for support was not proactive in maintaining critical updates to ensure access and reliability. Collectively the network problems had a big impact on the firm’s end users, clients, and productivity. The email system, which was relied upon heavily, was slow and not meeting business requirements. To compound the issues further, the previous IT support company did not provide any network documentation, nor were they available to assist in the recommendations to update the systems.

PC Professional was contracted to assess and make recommendations to upgrade the systems and network. The approach was to do a full assessment of the current network and propose a solution to provide a business class system. The results were an upgraded network server with a Microsoft operating system, and applications to meet these requirements. Additionally, the email was moved to the cloud and leveraged Microsoft Office 365. All of the end user email was moved prior to the cut over and the email upgrade was completed with minimal end user disruption.

Currently, the key applications, systems and network are performing at a business class level. The firm is now able to work efficiently, and quickly respond to their client requests. PC Professional provided full network documentation, and also maintains that in house, to provide support when required. Proactive management of the new network ensures very, good uptime for the firm and they continue to be a satisfied client.

Industry: Financial Management Company


A FMC has a network that was not meeting business requirements. The access to internal, line of business applications was latent and internet access in general was not acceptable. Additionally, the server room was in need of organization and upgrades. The router being used was not able to meet security requirements, and the connection to the other offices was not reliable.


PC professional work with this client to develop a strategy to update the systems and network devices. A migration of the email system to Microsoft Office 365 was critical to the company’s ability to respond efficiently to their clients and to collaborate internally. The infrastructure was upgraded with Gigabyte switches and new firewall that offers state-of-the-art security and manageability.

The network is now stabilized and productivity has increased across the board. The security enhancements provide controlled access and protection for critical, client data. Additionally, being able to meet requirements for security and compliance are also being provided. The client now has improved confidence in the systems, and the ability to exceed client requirements.

Industry: Food Processing Technology


The business’ new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software was being used to run all processing needed to currently produce over 5 million Tortillas. However, the ERP software was sluggish and causing productivity delays and their current IT staff was confused on what was causing the problem. PC Professional performed a site audit to look at all aspects of the existing environment.

We were able to identify issues with server software configuration, the internal infrastructure, the existing security, licensing conflicts, and commingling of networks.


PC Professional rebuilt both servers from the ground up, implemented a managed switch network migration, virtualized existing application access, created redundant access to the business’ Internet Service Provider (ISP), cleaned up licensing, created a backup and disaster plan, implemented a network security plan, shut down random Wi-Fi access, documented the environment and rolled all passwords.

Our team has taken over management and on-site services around supporting the entire network. We provide both on site and remote monitoring and management to keep the production of tortillas moving 7 x 24. The biggest benefit has been in the productivity of their entire staff. Network access and reporting have been improved. No more waiting 15 minutes for the ERP software to perform requested tasks.