Secure your front door!

Secure your front door with Microsoft 365! 

Many customers are challenged by the need to enable user access from anywhere on any device while ensuring the security of valuable business data. Is this you? If so, can you answer “yes” to these questions?
• Do you know who is accessing your data?
• Can you grant access based on risk in real time?
• Can you quickly identify and react to a breach?

If not, you may need help securing your organization’s front door to avoid becoming another statistic.

As a Microsoft partner, we can help you better manage your identity and access controls, secure links, and attachments in emails, and stop breaches before they escalate in severity.

Get identity-driven security with Microsoft 365
Go beyond passwords and protect against identity compromise, while automatically identifying potential breaches before they cause damage.

Microsoft 365 offers:
• Risk-based conditional access and multi-factor authentication
• Advanced security reporting
• Identification of on-premises threats
• Detection of high-risk usage of cloud apps, user behavior, and abnormal downloads

Contact us to schedule a security assessment and get an action plan. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Account Manager to schedule an onsite discussion on how Microsoft 365 can benefit your organization!

Please reach out to Carolina, our Marketing Coordinator, to schedule your security assessment!
Direct Number: (510) 874-5871

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