How to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

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How to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

The general rule of a business is to control costs, increase profits, and maximize efficiency. Simple, but at times difficult to implement. Here are some tips on how to increase productivity and reduce costs.

1. Staff Training

Office 365 Training

A training program will strengthen skills that each employee needs to improve. It brings all employees to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge. Office 365 Training offers free courses for employees to get into speed. To learn more about the Office 365 Training Center click – here. An investment in your employees’ skill sets is an investment in your company.

Social Engineering

In data security, a lot of time is devoted to the technical side of security, such as firewalls, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing. Even the most hardened network securities can be compromised through a social engineering attack. Social engineering takes many forms, including physical access to buildings, email phishing and telephone calls.

Guarding against social engineering attacks include:

• Never reveal personal or sensitive information in response to an email, no matter who appears to have sent it
• If you receive a suspicious email, call the person or organization in the “From” field before you respond or open any attached files
• Do not click links in an email that requests personal or sensitive information. Enter the web address into your browser instead
• Simply report any email that you suspect might be an attack
• Periodic social engineering training for employees so that everyone is aware of the latest attacks

2. Application Shaping and Content Filtering

Traffic shaping, also known as packet shaping, Quality of Service (QoS), or bandwidth management, is the manipulation and prioritization of network traffic to reduce the impact of heavy users or machines from effecting other users. It also enables you to manage web application features and functions. This bandwidth throttling is performed to guarantee QoS and return on investment (ROI). A great network to use is Cisco Meraki’s fingerprinting and application QoS. It automatically identifies and controls hundreds of applications, from business apps to Facebook and YouTube. You can gain control over network traffic by prioritizing critical apps like VoIP, while blocking programs like Netflix.

For employers concerned about employee efficiency, content filters often seem like a great idea. Content filtering gives you control over what websites employers can and cannot access. By filtering the websites and content an employee is permitted to view on a work computer, the employee will be more productive and use their time more efficiently. Filtering web content offers significant Malware control for companies and lessens the chance that Malware will be able to infiltrate a computer and destroy its files. Blocking websites is as much a preventative security measure as it is a precaution against internet misuse.

3. Collaboration


Imagine having a presentation at work and not having all the important documents, materials, and emails you need to complete the task. Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management space that allows groups to set up a centralized, password protected platform.

Some of the features include:

• Organize and manage content in libraries and lists metadata, retention policies, and records management
• Safely sharing files and content with coworkers and people outside your organization
• Customize your enterprise search and results with enhanced features to resources across Office 365
• Use advanced data-loss prevention (DLP) capabilities to protect, identify, and monitor important information
SharePoint is a streamlined communication solution that will reduce stress for employees, improve efficiency, and will save your company time and money.


Microsoft Teams is designed to reduce the number of repetitive tasks you do each day, save you time, improve collaboration and communication. Businesses can connect in professional learning communities, and communicate with colleagues all from Office 365.

Teams helps manage daily workflow more easily by:

• Sharing files and materials with colleagues
• Making announcements
• Dividing work project groups and monitoring the progress
• Distributing, collecting and marking assignments
• Using video chat for staff meetings

Employing the right collaboration tools will not only allow companies to solve business issues but also gain a competitive advantage by connecting employees with important information instantly, and establishing potential new routes to market. Now is the time for companies to plan their collaboration strategy and lay the groundwork by investing in good network infrastructure.