Overview of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

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Overview of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security, or better known as EMS, is a device-management and virtual-identity-management suite. In a cloud-based world where employees want to work from all their devices, Microsoft EMS allows IT maximum security and control. New product to Microsoft’s portfolio.

Microsoft EMS includes four components:
• Azure Active Directory Premium
• Microsoft Intune
• Azure Rights Management
• Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Azure Active Directory Premium

Azure Active Directory Premium is a single sign-on for your company. Every employee has a profile in Azure Active directory which is linked to all their other logins. Your employees can sign into almost any service regardless of the device model, location, or user identity.
• File Servers
• Email
• Application Servers
• Database Servers

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is for securely linking employees’ personal devices to company data. Microsoft Intune is built on Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft Intune allows you to link an unlimited number of mobile devices to an employees’ Active Directory profile. Microsoft Intune is your secure link between an employee’s mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows) and corporate data.

Azure Rights Management

Azure Rights Management is a document-level security. With Azure Rights Management, every single time protected data is viewed, a check is done to see if the person viewing the file is allowed to do so. You can block people based on:
• Company (internal/external)
• Employment status (for instance, a fired employee can’t view documents even if they’re on a USB stick)
• Date of viewing
• Azure Active Directory Profile information

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics is real-time monitoring for security purposes. Because Microsoft EMS is mostly in the cloud, all kinds of standardized data is collected. Microsoft EMS logs every access request, every document, every location, every device, every user, everything. These logs are processed live to identify patterns of suspicious behavior:
• Big-data analysis for anomalous behavior and suspicious activities
• Detection of malicious attacks
• Alerts for known risks


Microsoft EMS is a bundle of four Microsoft products that allows your IT team to retain control and ensure security, even though your employees want to work from their own devices. Its key benefits are:
• Single sign-on to any app or service from any device
• Secure access to company data from any device
• Document-level security
• Constant security monitoring

If you have additional questions regarding Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), please reach out to your Account Manager to schedule an onsite discussion on how EMS can benefit your organization!