PC Professional been working with non-profits since 1981. We understand the challenges regarding funding, employee retirement, staying flexible and increased government regulations. 



  • Increase Government Regulations
  • Mobile Access to Systems
  • Social Awareness
  • Work Flow Automation


  • Help Desk
  • Application Development
  • System Deployment
  • End User Support
  • Cloud Utilization
  • Network Security


  • Improved Security
  • Employee Collaboration
  • Improved Productivity
  • Disaster Planning
  • Happier Employees

A local non-profit organization was experiencing delay time with responses for their expanding IT requirements.  They needed a local company who could respond on site and remotely for all their technology needs. In addition, they needed technical consulting on ways to improve the service they could provide to their clients.

Our technical migration team performed a detailed audit using network analyst software tools to determine current security level.  All network devices were analyzed and documented. Network passwords were rolled and all required application software documented. A help desk was set up to provide ticketed requests to be submitted in a variety of ways.  Technical on site submitted was arranged to be on site at a predetermined time once  a week. Remote monitoring was installed and activated and technical consulting was arranged to help this non-profit organization plan for their future.

PC Professional executed a total agency migration to Microsoft Office 365. Implementation of agency wide VOIP system, implemented Cloud Backup for all critical data, migration to state of the art firewall security, and a standardized help desk ticketing system using cloud technology from Microsoft.

The organization is now able to take charge of their IT infrastructure to deliver software applications in a more efficient way to improve employee productivity.  There has been tremendous improvement in the utilization of technology to deliver improved service to their clients and Improved the level of service giving back to those in need in the local community.

Local Non-Profit Organization

Case Study for a Local Non-profit Private School 

The school was subjected to internal data loss and struggled with being able to recover critical data using existing processes and documentation that they had in place. Furthermore, they were not confident that existing security protocols were in place to mitigate future issues like this from happening again.

PC Professional consulted on and provided a comprehensive review of the school’s data processes, policy and procedures, and disaster recovery posture. We also ran our Net Detect software to identify potential vulnerabilities within their network. After we presented our findings, the school contracted PC Professional. We fixed identified security issues and develop complete set of network documentation and a hardened disaster recovery plan to help protect against and more quickly recover from future data loss.

Bay Area Non-Profit Organization