More Productivity– No Compromises!

More Productivity– No Compromises!

More Productivity– No Compromises! 

Employees today need to be able to work anywhere, from any device. The cloud enables the mobility users need, and cloud apps are a key part of today’s businesses. However, problems can arise when employees start forgetting passwords for multiple apps. Unsecured, unmonitored credentials create vulnerabilities in the network. And security has never been more challenging as attacks have become more advanced and targeted.

Provide a great employee experience with Microsoft 365
You need tools and policies that empower your employees to be productive and secure on personal and company devices while still maintaining control of data.

We can help. Microsoft 365 supports both workplace-issued and BYOD devices, with support for:

Single sign-on

    • Both on-premises and on-Microsoft cloud apps
    • Covers 2700+ non-Microsoft SaaS apps


  • Reset/change passwords without bothering IT
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Pick and choose work apps create, join groups

Work from anywhere

  • Work from any device
  • Choose between calls/SMS/app for multi-factor authentication
  • DirectAccess
  • Non-intrusive security

If you have additional questions, please contact our Marketing Coordinator, Carolina.

Direct Number: (510) 874-5871

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