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PC Professional has successfully partnered with healthcare organizations for over 3 decades.  Our healthcare IT services include assistance in selecting and implementing healthcare compliance, HIPAA services, application services, cloud services, IT security, and solutions for practice management.

We empower technology for healthcare services company needs to operate efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis.

  • Compliance Center (Icon & details)
  • HIPPA Services
  • Office 365 (Icon & details)
  • Cloud Services (Icon & details)
IT Services for Healthcare Organizations


  • Increase Government Regulations
  • Client Record Protection
  • Data Security
  • Remote Workforce


  • HIPAA Consulting Compliance
  • Workflow Application Development
  • Product Procurement


  • Improved Client/Patient Care
  • RealTime Patient Support
  • Differentiate Your Business

A large pharmaceutical company that needed help managing server maintenance protection, licensing renewals, and a network product needed to continue implementing key technology.  They needed a supplier who could provide technology solutions coveting everything from, handheld scanners, basic end user devices, and license renewals.

PC Professional provided research support and areas of IT request from a large end user community.  This kept the process for the renewal simple and organized.  Working with the IT department made solutions deployed and are current and from leading software and hardware manufactures.

PC Professional limited the exposure of faulty unsupported hardware and software for this company.  We saved countless hours for the IT group by researching the ongoing support agreements with existing deployed hardware and software manufacturers and improved productivity because of constant uptime for access the internal network.

Large Pharmaceutical Company

PC Professional has been asked to interface with the many manufacturers currently being used to support several programs at the County Public Health department. We have been the main point of contact for the creation of a special pricing agreement with HP resulting in tremendous cost savings to the County. We provide logistical support for the quoting, ordering, tracking and warranty service needed to support over 2000 systems deployed across the County Public Health department. In addition, we provide consulting services in the areas of security, disaster planning, and ongoing services.

Local County Public Health Department