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Cloud Services & Solutions

Cloud Services & Solutions

Cloud services, applications hosted offsite for ease of access to our mobile world, has matured to now provide cost savings, disaster planning, data recovery, security, and scalability. Our team of trained engineers has been migrating companies’ emails, storage, collaboration and crucial applications to cloud services for the past 37 years. As trusted IT consultants, PC Professional works with you to create, strategize, plan, and implement cloud technologies in a way that ensures measurable ROI.

Cloud Services PC Professional Offers:

  • Cloud consulting
  • Cloud security
  • Microsoft Office 365 solutions to fit any industry
  • Manage your servers in the cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure
  • Disaster recovery as a service (DRAAS)
  • Cloud backup solutions

Cloud Services Benefits:

  • Access your data securely anywhere, anytime, with any device
  • Boost productivity and collaboration for your team
  • Reduce or eliminate your server hardware footprint
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions for your peace of mind
  • Customized cloud solutions for your business
  • No longer need to upgrade server hardware and server software
  • Support from leading manufacturers
  • Always up-to-date software
  • Data is protected and encrypted at rest with geo-redundancy
  • Applications Hosting

PC Professional is your strategic partner in designing and implementing cloud-based strategies and solutions.

SharePoint Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting

PC Professional’s cloud consultants have over 37 years of experience and are proven to increase an organization’s productivity and efficiency. PC Professional will work with your company to understand it’s needs and viability for moving to the cloud. We will architect a solution for you that meets your needs and budget. Our certified engineers will implement the solution according to industry best practices. After implementation, PC Professional offers a variety of managed services and support of your new solution.

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Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure helps small and midsize businesses grow with greater efficiency and be more responsive to change. It is a flexible cloud platform that enabled you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. You can build applications using any language, tool, or framework. You can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment. With Azure, you can be up and running fast, scale up or down as needed, and avoid high capital costs-paying only for what you use.

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Azure cloud services and management
Office 365 cloud services

Office 365

PC Professional is your go-to for all implementation and support of Microsoft Office 365 cloud services, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime, on any device with a full set of tools at your disposal.

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Backup/Disaster Recovery

Accessing and protecting data is critical for a company to function and stay competitor. All hardware and software fails or has interruption that can jeopardize your data. It is critical to have a plan to recover from loss data. We provide the following services that benefit your business.

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Cloud services for backup and disaster recovery