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Cloud Backup/Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup/Disaster Recovery

As the cloud has become more established, an increasing number of organizations have put their data into the cloud. One of the biggest uses for the cloud is for backup and disaster recovery. Organizations are counting on the cloud to make sure they retain access to their critical business data.

Accessing and protecting data is critical for a company to function and stay a competitor. For the cloud to become a useful repository for backup/disaster recovery, organizations need to be able to access their data quickly and efficiently. All hardware and software fails or has an interruption that can jeopardize your data. The cloud eliminates the reliant on hardware and software. It is critical to have a plan to recover from lost data.

We provide the following services that benefit your business.

Backup/Disaster Recovery Services Offered by PC Professional:

  • Data Backup Plan Assessment
  • Creation of Disaster Plan
  • Cloud Based Auto Data Backup
  • Onsite recovery response
  • Data recovery for lost data
  • Redeployment of data backup when needed
  • Virtualization of key applications
  • Partner with industry leaders in data protection


  • Minimize business interruptions
  • Quick recovery from outages
  • Less need for internal IT staff
  • Cost savings
  • Secure feeling of protection of key data
  • Less reliant on hardware and software
  • An extra level of security

Being able to recover quickly from a system failure is critical to every disaster plan. Combining on-premise solutions with Cloud applications provides the path to secure, consistent access.

PC Professional offers 37 years of experience, recovery experts, and constantly enhanced recovery plans.

Ransomware Case Study

The client had an aging Cisco firewall that was end-of-life. The firewall was vulnerable to brute force attacks and the client network was compromised. Once compromised variants of ransomware infected the network and caused major problems. This cost several thousands of dollars in services to restore the systems.

Based on our recommendation and the fact that they were compromised, The PC Professional team replaced the old firewall with a current generation firewall solution. With diligence by our lead engineer to eradicate the ransomware and restore the systems.

The client is now operating in a secure computing environment. The vulnerability was identified and mitigated. The company now has peace of mind knowing that the team at PC Professional has increased their IT security and System Uptime.


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